Protect your Wealth

Leave a legacy. Share your purpose.

Anchor Wealth works with you to protect what matters most in life, with:

  • Estate and legacy design
  • Asset protection and risk management
  • Risk mitigation strategies
  • Tax planning

First we listen. Then we act.

It Works Like This

  1. We get to know you, your family, your risk tolerance, your investment philosophy, your goals.
  2. We dive into the details with our online assessment tools.
  3. If you like our ideas, we sign an agreement to work together.
  4. We then provide a comprehensive report of our analysis, findings and recommendations.
  5. We review your options and guide you through the decision process, acting on your wishes. 

Financial planning tools customized for you

  1. Advisorciq – A simple tool used for higher income and higher net worth clients to diagnose from a high-level potential areas of risk that may need to be addressed. This takes 5 to 7 minutes to complete.
  2. LifeArcPlan – Comprehensive, in-depth financial planning guide assessment software utilizing the “Info Right Process” which helps us understand and quantify required risk to ensure your priorities are met and addressed.
  3. The Quantitative Personalized Growth System (QPG) is a powerful overarching system that utilized and incorporates different financial planning tools and resources including STR to move a client toward a position that helps them minimize their risk and maximize their wealth potential.
  4. Sequential Tax Reduction (STR) plan incorporates multiple tax planning strategies that when used together offer clients the best chance to significantly reduce taxes and increase cashflow.
I’m very happy with all of Stacey's recommendations. His network of alliances is very good. He is genuinely interested in your welfare, not just trying to make a quick buck.
Dwayne S., Hohenwald, TN
When you sit down and talk with someone you want to feel they have your best interests at heart. I felt that way about Stacey. I liked his focus from a faith-based Christian standpoint. He makes you feel good about your investments, and that it is about you, not about the money.
Ted G., Franklin, TN
I am very grateful to Stacey. He helped me recover from a significant financial loss. He has become a friend.
Sharon W., Hendersonville, TN
Stacey is a great guy. He is caring and understanding. He takes the big picture into consideration and the guides you to what works for you.
Scott W., San Jose del Cabo, Mexico
Stacey is someone you can trust. With his holistic approach, he gives you an angle that you are not getting from any other advisor.
Michael R., Franklin, TN
We have been pleased with Stacey’s strategies and approach. He is personable. Down to earth and not pushy. He looks at a lot of different perspectives and gives you the option to make the best decision for your family. He will not push things on you.
Deborah G., Franklin, TN
The financial world is full of misinformation. It is difficult to navigate. That’s why you need a guide. I was looking for an advisor to guide me, navigate for me and not lose my money. Stacey asks great questions and develops a strategy based on that.
Dwayne S., Hohenwald, TN
I really trust him because of the way he takes care of me. He works hard to protect my money for myself and my children.
Sharon W., Hendersonville, TN

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