Protecting your Assets from Market Risk

Meet Stacey Andres

“The year was 2012 when a group of students taught me that I needed to go in a different direction. At the time I was working for an organization teaching people how to trade stocks. We had about 6,000 students and 43% of our students were over 65. They were already retired, and they were coming to us to learn how to trade. Not because they had time on their hands but because they were afraid they were going to outlive their money.

“The harsh reality was that the style of money management that their advisors had been using for them did nothing to protect them on the downside. And they weren’t able to recover from that. They were coming to us to learn how to trade, looking for a way to survive.

A better way

“I figured there had to be a better way to manage money than the traditional financial planning way of doing business. For a lot of people, traditional financial planning does not work because it doesn’t do anything to mitigate risk.”

“In traditional financial planning advisors look at risk tolerance. That may or may not be accurate because it’s a very antiquated methodology the industry uses for doing that. And then they’ll put you into a set of stocks or mutual funds or ETFs, and you ride the markets up and down. When the markets are going up, everything is wonderful and amazing, but then you have a correction. Many advisors will tell you that’s a part of investing and that’s the way you have to do things.”

“We do it differently. We really look to manage that downside risk. My goal is to identify where there are risks and holes in what my clients’ currently have and then bring solutions to the table that address those risks.  We can reduce the average person’s risks by probably 25 to 50% so they have a more secure income stream and legacy planning structure than what traditional financial planning provides.”

Meet Anchor Wealth’s Team of Advisors

Michael Wallin

Managing Partner, Optivise

Through a consultative approach with the client, Michael explores what is important to the client now and in the future.

Allen Hargis

Partner, Optivise

As a retired Colonel of the Arkansas National Guard and leading a battalion of 700+ soldiers in the Iraqi War, Allen brings a calm demeanor and laser-focused discipline to the team.

Cory S. Colquette

Partner, Optivise

Cory’s advanced knowledge of investment management, estate planning, and wealth management helps create the best value opportunities for clients.

Kyle Davis

Client Plan Analyst, Optivise

Kyle’s background in advanced case planning, retirement planning, charitable planning, investment research/analysis, and income planning enables him to understand the investments and financial planning needs of his clients.

Joel Grushkin

Managing Director, Cost Segregation Initiatives

Joel provides IRS approved “engineered cost segregation studies” as a strategic tax savings tool allowing companies and individuals to increase their cash flow through accelerating depreciation.

J Craig Sullivan

Owner, Sullivan Lavin Associates LLC

Creator of The IDEAL Plan tax reduction strategy

The IDEAL Plan™ creates tax-free client income and removes assets from the reach of potential creditors, while leaving the client (and family) in complete control of the assets for multiple generations.

Dumkele “Kele” Anifowoshe

Tax Consultant

“My goal is to be a valued partner to clients by offering proactive tax planning services and interpretation of their financial data so they can make informed and strategic business decisions.”

Get to know Anchor Wealth

Anchor Wealth caters to clients like you who want personal service and attention and unique, custom planning strategies. Connect with us for wealth growth and protection, tax and retirement planning and faith-aligned investment planning.

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