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 Anchor Wealth's President, Financial Author and Visionary, Stacey Andres has been answering the common question "How To Retire Happy?" and helping retirees and pre-retirees since 2010, developing a plan to ensure they have an anchored, secure “second life.”

Making the move from teaching others how to make money trading stocks, to helping people develop a solid plan for life during retirement was a significant change. He says, “I worked with so many clients in my former line of work whose plan for retirement failed because the three biggest risks to a secure retirement were not addressed. I knew there had to be a better solution and I was determined to find it.”

At Anchor Wealth, we work with several tax professionals that have a desire to bring more holistic planning solutions to their clients by helping them with wealth management and cashflow management strategies that can reduce taxes and protect their hard earned money.

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Faith Aligned Investment Strategy
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Estate & Legacy
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Risk Management & Asset Protection
Q: What could someone sue you for that could potentially bankrupt you? Answer: Almost anything
An Older Farmer in a field  with his arms crossed, smiling looking optimistically towards his left.


As a general statement, most of the general public who earn a good living and/or have amassed wealth, do not have the proper estate or asset protection plan.
Anchor Wealth can assist you protect your assets now and for future generations, Educating your loved ones to protect themselves should you not be available to protect them.
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You will be thanked for generations to come.

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