Our Process

Our Process Guides You Step-by-step to Wealth and Business Asset Protection and Growth.

Anchor Wealth guides you step by step to wealth and retirement success.  We structure your plan to work best for you and your family. There are multiple tools and solutions to address most needs. Let’s take that journey together.

Step-by-step Financial Fitness

The Anchor Wealth Client Experience

Step 1. We Call You.

In this 45-minute get acquainted call we will learn about each other. We’ll ask about your goals and dreams. We’ll discover what is working for you now and what could be better. We’ll share how Anchor Wealth takes care of its clients.

Step 2. We get to know you better.

Our comprehensive online discovery process allows us to collect all your relevant financial information. We will identify investment areas that need to be addressed and ways to improve your return. We’ll also show you how you can potentially be more efficient with your overall money management.

Step 3. We meet with you.

We host a 60-90 minute meeting to discuss your situation. We’ll present our initial findings and recommendations and address your questions and concerns.

Step 4. We start working for you.

If we both think it’s a fit, we’ll ask you to sign the client agreement so we can get working for you.

Step 5. We’ll meet again and present the plan.

We’ll determine what options provide the best opportunity for your desired outcome and make sure you really understand and love your financial plan.

Step 6. We’ll keep meeting until everything is taken care of.

We will meet or call as often as needed to handle all the detail of your financial future, depending on your needs and the complexity of your current portfolio.

Step 7. Implementation. We are off and running.

We will submit paperwork to begin opening accounts, meeting compliance and ensuring suitability requirements for where your investments will be placed.

Step 8. Funding your accounts.

You will sign deliverables that still need signatures. We’ll review final plan once again to make sure you are comfortable all the investment decisions we are making on your behalf and to show you how this will position you for success.

Step 9. Accountability.

We will call when things change and provide an annual review of your financial wellness.

Stacey is a great guy. He is caring and understanding. He takes the big picture into consideration and the guides you to what works for you.
Scott W., San Jose del Cabo, Mexico
Stacey is very diligent. He has a holistic approach to taxes, investments and alternative investment strategies.
Michael R., Franklin, TN
When you sit down and talk with someone you want to feel they have your best interests at heart. I felt that way about Stacey. I liked his focus from a faith-based Christian standpoint. He makes you feel good about your investments, and that it is about you, not about the money.
Ted G., Franklin, TN
The financial world is full of misinformation. It is difficult to navigate. That’s why you need a guide. I was looking for an advisor to guide me, navigate for me and not lose my money. Stacey asks great questions and develops a strategy based on that.
Dwayne S., Hohenwald, TN
I really trust him because of the way he takes care of me. He works hard to protect my money for myself and my children.
Sharon W., Hendersonville, TN
I am very grateful to Stacey. He helped me recover from a significant financial loss. He has become a friend.
Sharon W., Hendersonville, TN
I’m very happy with all of Stacey's recommendations. His network of alliances is very good. He is genuinely interested in your welfare, not just trying to make a quick buck.
Dwayne S., Hohenwald, TN
We have been pleased with Stacey’s strategies and approach. He is personable. Down to earth and not pushy. He looks at a lot of different perspectives and gives you the option to make the best decision for your family. He will not push things on you.
Deborah G., Franklin, TN

Get to Know Anchor Wealth

Anchor Wealth caters to high-net-worth clients and business owners like you who want personal service and attention and unique, custom planning strategies. Connect with us through our virtual family office for tax planning, wealth management, business advisory and legal services and faith aligned investing.

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